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  • 399,90 zł
    Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2.1

    Microsoft Office ribbon

    The familiar, intuitive user interface allows fast training and maximum productivity.

  • 1 339,90 zł
    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual V 15

    Create reports, emails, forms and more with the new Dragon Professional Individual 15. Just speak instead of typing. Thanks to a next-generation speech recognition engine with deep learning, you can now dictate and transcribe faster and more precisely than ever before. This means you can spend less time on paperwork and focus on more important, productivity-enhancing tasks.

  • 449,90 zł
    Nuance OmniPage Ultimate 19

    With "OmniPage" you can convert scanned documents, PDF files and digital images into text files. This is useful if, for example, you only have a paper template and nothing more than a file. When you scan the document, OmniPage creates a digital template from it that you can edit with a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

  • 314,90 zł
    Nuance Paperport Professional 14.5

    PaperPort Professional 14 is a smart productivity solution that lets everyone in the office scan, manage, search, collate, and share paper, business records, and photos.